Construction Certifiers Pty Ltd

John Tsiontsis - Director
NSW Accredited Private Certifier
Residential Industrial Commercial

Who we are:

Construction Certifiers will work with you to resolve concerns you might encounter and provide advice in the best manner to benefit your development.

We are a leading provider of Building Code of Australia, development and construction advice service in New South Wales.

No matter how big or small your project is our information service provides competitive rates, on time delivery and Building Code of Australia expertise.

Construction Certifiers Pty Ltd can approve your development work to start carrying out inspections and issue occupation to all buildings.

What we do:

Our services include:   Application Forms (downloadable):
Pre-Design BCA Advice Application for Complying Development
Building Code Assessment Application for Occupation Certificate
Principal Certifying Authority Fire Safety Certificate
Construction Certificates CC-Housing
Complying Development Certificates CC Classes 2 to 9
Building Inspections
Occupation Certificates Adobe Acrobat is required to view these forms. If you do not have it installed click on this button:

Favourable Benefits
Competitive Rates
Planning NSW Accredited
Always on Time

Our contact details:

Postal Address: 58 Ludgate Street, Roselands NSW 2196
Ph: 02-9750-0815
Mobile: 0413 836 677
ABN: 92 103 954 310

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